Ports Services

Our port-specific expertise

Strategic Consulting

Inform your decisions and deliver solutions

We assist leaders in their strategic thinking process and in the implementation of their action plans.

We work closely with decision-makers to build realistic and achievable strategies together.

We share the requirements and objectives of our clients.

We develop and pilot high-level, participatory and inclusive brainstorming sessions to promote support and generate innovative ideas and solutions.

We condense the vision of leaders and bring additional external perspectives combining strategy, operational and technical know-how.

We help strengthen the operational, technical, social and environmental competitiveness of companies.

Organisation Consulting

Support your organisational and social improvements

We advise our clients in the development of transformation, adaptation and change management strategies.

Using our own methods and experience, we provide our clients with recommendations based on a diagnosis shared with internal teams.

We design dedicated and scalable systems to help implement a strategy, a new organization, a new mode of operation.

We support our clients to initiate and improve management systems (PMO, Balanced scorecard) and to optimise their processes.

Sales & Acquisition

Guiding your teams towards better decisions

We support you in the acquisition or transfer of infrastructure or equipment.

We carry out visits and audits of operational and technical sites to conduct asset assessments.

We assist you in the financial evaluation of the goods to be acquired, infrastructure or equipment.

We assist you in finding private funding or public subsidies.

We coordinate external stakeholders for the preparation of administrative, technical, financial and legal documents.

We provide a full range of expert services and we offer management services: operational management, members of boards of directors, audit and concession monitoring, etc.

Technical & Operational

Providing you with an external perspective

We bring our sectoral expertise to private companies (funds, project companies, design offices, consulting firms, etc.) and to public structures (communities, infrastructure managers, etc.).

We carry out operational and technical appraisals in situ and counter-expertise of design office products. We carry out reviews, provide critical commentary and summarise documents and highlight sensitive subjects.

We bring our vision and our independent expertise on technical matters to inform decisions.

We provide a network of independent experts to complete our service offering with a wide range of specialities.

We carry out detailed market studies, feasibility studies, design studies, business plans, and technical benchmarks to assist you in your decision-making process.

IT & Systems Project Management

Support the transition of your operational systems

We offer a combination of unique experiences in complex systems integration and project management in high-tech industries – such as defence and aerospace – combined with years of field experience in port operations.

We provide high quality services to help you deliver your projects on time and we work closely with your teams so that they are autonomous and efficient after the operational commissioning.

Our 8-step roadmap provides actionable measures to ensure the success of your projects ; it is part of our proactive approach to identifying weak points and developing action plans to overcome them as the project progresses.

We manage your Project team and can provide you with our internal skills or skills from our networks.

Training & Capacity Building

Take your teams to the next level

In our targeted sectors, we carry out tailor-made training sessions for your staff, your customers and your users in various fields: transport economics, handling, safety, security, crisis management, general management, customer relationship, etc.

We know how to handle training on a large scale and within very tight deadlines to meet specific needs (start-up of new operations, post-accident corrective measures, etc.).

We work in companies, schools, universities and training centres.

Together we study your needs and define a tailored training programme. We develop training materials and content. We organise the sessions and plan the participation of candidates, lead the training sessions, track participation.


Managing Partners


Project Managers


Industry Experts


Languages Spoken


Resident Countries

Our Project Managers and Industry Experts speak more than 20 languages and they are resident in over 30 countries spanning six continents around the globe. Collectively, we provide strategic leadership, project management and industry expertise for the full life-cycle of transport infrastructure investment and operations.

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