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Multiple Project Roles – North America

Multi-national Transaction Advisor



North America


Role Description

Multi-national transaction advisor seeking highly qualified and experienced airport professionals for various expert bid development roles for a project in North America, including;

  • Project Manager
  • Airport Strategic Planning Expert
  • Aeronautical Revenues Expert
  • Airport Commercial Expert
  • Airport Food & Beverage Expert
  • Airport Planning & Peak-hour Assessment Expert
  • Airport Operations, Safety & Quality Management Expert
  • Airport Architecture & Design Expert
  • Traffic Forecasting & Route Assessment Expert
  • Facility Assessment & Life Cycle Costing Expert
  • Cost Estimation & Quantity Surveying Expert

Qualifications & Requirements

Responsibilities for the multiple project roles to be provided to applicants upon registration.

Candidates must have a minimum of at least five years of airport management experience in the last 10 years.