airportQM by Modalis

airportQM by Modalis

About Us

airportQM is professional services company providing specialist consultancy services to airports and the aviation industry with a focus on quality management, safety management, regulatory compliance, Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer, and operational performance improvement.

airportQM is a member of the Modalis group of companies and has access to the Modalis highly experienced international network of 100+ industry professionals. Our associates have an extensive track record of success in challenging and dynamic project and operational environments, with collective experience spanning six continents, providing strategic leadership and hands-on support to all areas of airport operations.

airportQM can provide flexible and scalable resource and project teams with a broad range of skills and professional expertise that can be deployed quickly for project engagements of any duration, delivering benchmark consultancy services routed in international best practice and years of hands-on experience.


Modalis and Lopez and White Partnership launch airportQM

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Our Focus

airportQM is professional services company providing specialist consultancy services to airports and the aviation industry, providing benchmark consultancy to airports worldwide.


Quality Management is at the core of safe and efficient airport operations and airportQM brings ISO 9001 principles and requirements to life across the broad range of airport objectives, from Airport Security to Customer Service or Environmental Performance.


Safety Management Systems are an essential part of a modern airports and at the core of a safe and effective operations. Our experts can bring hands-on experience of deploying ICAO Annex 19 compliant SMS to airports of any size.


Our team of experts combine years of experience in all areas of airport regulation, both in terms of national as well as international requirements. Providing insights from both the airport and the regulator’s perspective, we provide specialist compliance advice to existing operations and can support the compliant introduction of new projects onto the complex environment.


Through the delivery of industry best practice Quality Management principles, our experts can deliver tangible and sustainable improvements into all areas of airport operations, through the use of Standard Operating Procedures, Key Performance Indicators, Balance Scorecards, or Service Level Agreements with key suppliers and partners.


With hands-on experience in the delivery of dozens of large airport infrastructure projects worldwide, our experts can lead the operational integration of new infrastructure into the airport environment in a smooth and risk-free fashion – through asset commissioning and integration, operational trials, staff familiarisation, migration and Go Live delivery.